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Maxi’s Ultimate Seasoning Collection

Maxi’s Ultimate Seasoning Collection

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We donate 4 meals to someone in need for every Ultimate Collection sold!

Elevate your culinary creations with Maxi's Ultimate Seasoning Collection, a comprehensive kit for any kitchen enthusiast. This set includes an array of delectable seasonings, now featuring the exclusive Maxi’s Spud Seasoning, designed to enhance your dishes with exceptional taste.

Diverse Flavours: Dive into a world of rich, smoky, and savoury notes, perfect for imparting robust flavour to any dish.

Premium Ingredients: Crafted from the finest spices, each seasoning in the bundle is guaranteed to amplify the natural taste of your favourite recipes.

Multipurpose Magic: Ideal for grilling, roasting, or stovetop cooking, Maxi's Ultimate Seasoning Collection offers versatility in culinary application.

Discover favourites like Maxi’s All Purpose Seasoning, Maxi’s Lemon Pepper Seasoning, and Maxi’s SPG Seasoning among the selection. Maxi's Ultimate Seasoning Collection is the quintessential choice for those passionate about cooking and flavour!

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  • Natural ingredients

  • Gourmet Quality

  • Sustainable Sourcing

  • No Preservatives

  • Vegan-Friendly

  • Meal for a Meal

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews

Maxi’s seasonings are amazing! Such a fabulous product and donations to provide meals for those who can’t afford them so a win win!

Christine Lee
Lemonn seasoning was my surprise winner

All the seasonings are great. I have have used the lemon one the most. Really great on salads and fish. Especially good on avocado.

Nicholas Brown
Great product. Reasonable priced

Bought all four. As advertised they go with anything. Great flavour great price and each one bought gets a free meal to those in need

Lisa Hill

Max is a great guy he so lovely and what he dose is out of this world.
The seasoning are so nice . Great service and fast delivery

Martin Whiffen
Brilllant flavours

Perfect for easy and quick meals

The purpose of life is a life of purpose

"We're more than just a seasoning brand – we're dedicated to providing natural, delightful seasonings with a purpose. With every bottle you purchase, we're fighting food insecurity by donating one meal."