Maxi's Double Cheeseburger

Maxi's Double Cheeseburger


(1 burger)

250g beef mince

30g cheddar cheese

1 burger bun

1 tsp Maxi’s All Purpose Seasoning

1 tsp Maxi’s SPG








592 calories

64g protein

26g carbs

25g fat



1. First whack your beef into a large bowl. Add the Worcestershire sauce and seasonings, then mix well.

2. Divide into 2 equal portions and roll into a ball. Using your palm, spatula or something flat, squash the ball down to form a thin smashed patty. You can do this before cooking or whilst in the pan (obvs don't flatten with your palm if doing this in the pan).

3. Toast your buns and chop the lettuce and onion. Set these aside. Now it's time to cook your burgers in a frying pan or cast iron pan. Whichever you have available - cast iron would give the best result for this. Cook over a high heat for 1-2 minutes each side.

4. Add the cheese and then the onion on top of the burgers, cover the pan with a lid so the steam can melt the cheese. Whilst that melts, add your sauces to your buns and add some lettuce.

5. Stack your burgers and place them onto the bun, top with pickles and you're done!

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